Frosio Certification And Benefits In Industry

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FROSIO (frosio certification) is a member organization established in 1986 by the industry to meet the growing demand for qualified and certified personnel on all levels within management, production, and inspection of work within corrosion protection and surface treatment. 

What is FROSIO Certification?

FROSIO has been accredited by Norsk Akkreditering according to ISO 17024 since 2003. 

FROSIO acts through the formulation of quality requirements for surface treatment and insulation inspectors. FROSIO approval and certification scheme has achieved high international recognition and a  FROSIO-certified inspector is a specific requirement within different standards and specifications.

FROSIO specializes in:

  • Surface Treatment. 
  • Insulation.  

Who Can Become a Certified FROSIO Inspector?

  • Training is available for individuals in related fields such as oil and gas, shipbuilding, etc.
  • The training is also for those who want to expand their skills and be multi-disciplined.
  • Even individuals with little to no experience in the field can participate in the training.
  • However, they should have plans to work in the related field for the training to be useful.
  • Good English language skills are required, including understanding, reading, and writing.

What happens after Studying FROSIO?

Individuals after getting trained will attend the examination (Theoretical & Practical), once clear the examination the individuals will get mail directly from FROSIO requesting to upload supporting documents to assign the Level based on their experience. 

An experience – based certification system is in place, with three FROSIO levels based on evident skills:

  • FROSIO Level I  – No experience or Below 2 years of experience
  • FROSIO Level II  – More than 2 years of experience 
  • FROSIO Level III  – More than 5 years of experience(in that last 2 years of inspection experience)

The individuals once after getting the certificate based on their experience can now advance in their careers and do wonders in the field. Implementing the right procedures and activities to be followed in the work procedure. Awareness of the points to discuss in the Pre-Job meeting and trying to resolve the issue and find an effective solution. 

What are the Requirements to Get FROSIO Certification?

  •  Participate in surface treatment inspection training program
  •  Choose the Coating Inspector course provided by a FROSIO-accredited training provider
  •  Complete an 80-hour course and pass theoretical and practical exams
  •  Compile documentation of experience and inspection knowledge
  •  Submit documentation for review by FROSIO Board
  •  FROSIO Board assesses experience to determine qualification levels
  •  Output is for Requirements for Approval and Certification purposes.

How to study these frosio courses?

These Courses can only be studied through Training bodies like HTS Coatings which are legally authorized to conduct training on behalf of FROSIO.