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FROSIO Surface Treatment & Coating Inspector Course

FROSIO is a member organisation established in 1986 by the industry to meet a growing demand of qualified and certified Coating and Painting personnel on all levels within management, production and inspection of work within corrosion protection and surface treatment. Many Surface Treatment, coating and painting inspectors, Anti-corrosion specialist, existing coating specialist (NACE, SSPC, ICorr, Bgas-TWI) we’re possessing FROSIO certificates as reputed and demanding transcript.

FROSIO acts through formulation of quality requirements for surface treatment and insulation inspectors. FROSIO approval and certification scheme have achieved high international recognition and a FROSIO certified inspector is a specific requirement within different standards and specifications.
Coating Inspector Course & Certification is a natural career progression for anyone with a successfully completed apprenticeship or for anyone with long experience in anticorrosion work or insulation work.

FROSIO or ICorr certified Inspectors can work as:-

Currently in Chennai, India HTS COATINGS conducting FROSIO Surface Treatment Level 1, 2 & 3 (corrosion control) training and certification programs. Since 2014, more than 700 students were trained and certified by FROSIO thru HTS COATINGS.







Standardization Work

FROSIO Main tasks

FROSIO Requirements for certification

Type of certificate based on experience

Requirements for Approval and Certification

Certification levels and validity

FROSIO certification scheme has three different levels

Inspector candidate certificate FROSIO Level I – White

Inspector certificate FROSIO Level II – Green

Inspector certificate FROSIO Level III – Red

Relevant Experience

Surface Treatment