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a. This website with the URL of is operated by HTS COATINGS.

b. We are committed to providing Our customers with the highest quality eduction services. However, on rare occasions, our service may be found to be deficient. In such cases, We offer return and refund facilities in accordance with this Refund Policy.

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e. We offer a above 30 days refund Policy for the eligible purchase.

f. Please read this Policy before making a purchase on this Website, so that You understand Your rights as well as what You can expect from Us if You are not happy with Your purchase.



a. “Business Days” – means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday, public holiday, or bank holiday in India or in the state where our office is located.

b. “Customer” – means a person who buys any goods or availing services for consideration but does not include a person who purchases such goods or avail services to resell them.

c. “Date of Transaction” – means the date of purchase of any product or service, which includes the date of any renewal processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable product or service agreement.

d. “Website” – means this website with the URL:



HTS COATINGS Transfer & Cancellation Policy:

HTS COATINGS reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a course or part thereof at any time, but will make every effort to confirm approximately 61 days before the training is scheduled to begin.  If a training event is cancelled, registrants will receive a full refund of payments for course fees, or you may elect to have HTS COATINGS hold your registration fees to be applied to an upcoming training.  Students have one year to enroll in another class from the cancellation date or the fees will be forfeited.  Note:  HTS COATINGS is not responsible for the expenses incurred by the customer because of the cancellation or re-scheduling of the course.

If you choose to cancel, you must notify HTS COATINGS in writing (email is acceptable) as no telephone requests will be accepted.  You may only transfer one time and all transfers are non-refundable.  Upon receipt of your written cancellation or transfer request:

    • 60+ calendar days before the training, the registration fee is 100% refundable, minus a $125.00 service charge or you may select a full credit towards a future training class, minus a $125.00 transfer fee.

    • 50 to 45 calendar days before the training, the fee is refundable at 50%, or you may select a full credit towards a future training event minus a $125.00 transfer fee.
    • 45 to 30 calendar days before the training, the fee is refundable at 25% or you may select a 25% credit towards a future training event.
    • 30 or less calendar days before the training, (including No Shows) the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Once Online Preparatory class started and attended by student the fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

    • Once copyrighted course materials issued to students, there is zero  percentage of refund is anticipated

    • However student wishes to cancel his registration (case to case basis), HTS COATINGS will retain 50% of the course fee (equivalent to Euro 2000) due to the copyrighted books delivered.

    If you replace a student in a class, there is a $1000.00 service charge.  Under no circumstances is HTS COATINGS responsible for reimbursement of any airline tickets, guaranteed reservations or other expenses associated with a student attending any class.  Virtual, online and blended course fees are non-refundable, exam only fees and exam only retake fees (if applicable) are nonrefundable.



    a. Notwithstanding the other provisions of this Policy, We may refuse to provide repair, replacement, or refund for a product or service you purchased if:

    I. the product purchased is sale items or promotional items (discounts, giveaways, etc.).

    II. if the product has been used or opened.

    III. the products are not in the same condition as when they were delivered.

    IV. misused the product in a way that caused the problem.

    V. You knew or were made aware of the problem(s) with the product or service before you purchased it.

    VI. Gifts or free services.

    VII. the product is broken, tampered or damaged.

    VIII. the product is returned after the return window is closed or the Refund Period expires.

    IX. Any other exceptions apply under the Consumer Protection Act, 2019.

    b. Apart from the aforementioned goods and services, the following goods and services are not eligible for a refund:  HTS COATINGS



    We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any return request if such a request is not in compliance with this Policy or applicable laws.



    a. Please note that We may from time to time change the terms of this Policy and every time You wish to use this website, please check the Policy to ensure You understand the terms and conditions that apply at that time.

    b. If you do not wish to accept the revised Policy, you should not continue to use the Services. If you continue to use the Services after the date on which the changes, come into effect, Your use of the Services indicates your agreement to be bound by the new Refund Policy.



    We shall not be considered in breach of guarantee or terms of service and shall not be liable to the Customer for any cessation, interruption, or delay in the performance of its obligations by reason beyond Our control including natural disasters, pandemics, fire, an act of God or public enemy, famine, plague, the action of the court or public authority, change in law, explosion, war, terrorism, armed conflict, labour strike, lockout, boycott or similar event beyond our reasonable control, whether foreseen or unforeseen.


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